Automatic Male Masturbator Sucking & Thrusting & Vibrating Modes

Automatic Male Masturbator Sucking & Thrusting & Vibrating Modes


BRAND: Manon


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Product Description

Automatic Sucking Male Masturbators Sex Toys Different from other male masturbators which only thrust singly mechanical repetition to stimulate your penis, Our male masturbators have an automatic sucking, with each contraction and expansion. making your whole body and mind feel like it's on cloud top and you can't get enough of it, the intended pleasure is unlimited. 

TPE Safe Material-The environmentally friendly TPE material of this automatic male masturbator is soft and full of particles, as well as multi-layered spirals inside. The stroker for male masturbators is USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about battery issues. Trying this sex toy becomes even more fun.

Product Information

Brand: Manon
Material:  Silicon TPE
Gender: Men
Item:  Thrusting Rotating Masturbators
Size: 8.1  inches
Content: Masturbators / Cable / User Manual / 50ml Lube
Battery:  Rechargeable
Connectivity: Button
Vibrating: 7-Speed Thrusting Rotating 

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