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Refunds & Return Policy

All of our products are eligible for free shipping, other than our condoms. We ain't discriminating, just ensuring you have enough of the simplest protection before engaging with a loved one! Because, without a condom, the end result could be very very expensive indeed.

7 Days Return/Refunds Or Exchange

We are ready to provide the best service to our cutumers. you can apply for return /and refunds within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product

Considering that our products built for personal use, our products are eligible for an exchange if and only if the product is still entirely in its original packaging, with no seal broken. Once we get the product back, the Team will conduct a thorough check of the product before refunding your money, only because we want to make sure that this product reaches a new potential customer in the cleanest, most hygienic way possible.

Discreet Delivery

We at respect each individuals right to privacy and treat it with prime importance , especially because we deal in products that are extremely personal in nature and every customer might not want to reveal what they are purchasing and we totally respect individual opinions and choices.

We also believe that today’s Indian is constantly thriving to improve their sexual experience and is willing to experiment with new products to do so. He or She has should be able to do so without the fear of being judged or scrutinised and without any embarrassment.

- To ensure confidentiality is maintained we use:

- Unmarked, unbranded boxes for delivery.

- The products are packed in a tamper proof plastic bag

- The delivery personnel does not have any knowledge of what exact products are inside the parcel.

- We don't use the name in our return address, instead we use our corporate name Sure store enterprises. Even your credit card statements will have the latter mentioned as the merchant name.

- You can find out more about our discreet delivery by browsing through our ‘Privacy Policy’.

We take our policies very seriously and discreet delivery is something that we are very particular about as a company .

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery charges. Hello and welcome to Sure store. We have provided cash on delivery facility on most of products. There are two types of shipment. COD and prepaid.

But the courier company charges different in both these shipments. We are not such a big company at the moment. Use our courier. Like emazon and plipkart. We currently ship our shipments by other companies. Such as DTDC, FEDEX, DELIVERY, EKART etc. These companies charge separately for COD and prepaid shipments.

Like suppose there is a shipment. Whose product is priced at 3000 rupees. And that shipment is prepaid. Then we will only charge courier close to around 100 rupees. But if it is COD cash on delivery. So we will be charged on both sides. Because if the shipment is not taken by the customer then he has to come back also. And if taken, then the money given on COD. 5% of the COD charges will be deducted by the company.

That is, where we get it on prepaid order. Rs.100/- courier company to deliver. In the same cash on delivery, we get the same 3000 rupees product. Charge of 5% COD FEES Rs.200/- shipment. Means Rs.200/- + Rs.150/- = Rs.350/- so we charge extra on Rs.300 cash on delivery shipment.

Wrong Product & Missing Product

If you find the shipment open or damaged somewhere, do not receive it. And take a picture of it and share it with us. If you are in doubt, if you take an order, please make a full video of opening it. If there is something wrong with your order, we will check it. And you will see that you have got the wrong product in the order. This may take 3 to 7 days. But we cannot make it clear that we accept your return or refund request.

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